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Welcome to Sweet Vegan Bakes! Our menu is inspired by Chef Cheryl's journey into living a healthier lifestyle, she is the Sweet Vegan that Bakes! Chef Cheryl found herself, more than 100 pounds overweight, unable to obtain life insurance, and faced several health conditions.  Long story-short- Chef began living a vegan lifestyle, lost 118 pounds, obtained quality life insurance, and all her health issues vanished!

Now she is sharing her passion for vegan food with the world.Our menu is curated only by the most delicious vegan recipes, that will have you wanting a taste of everything. You know that feeling you get when your taste buds are happy? That’s what happens to every person who stops by Sweet Vegan Bakes. Our baked goods are made freshly every day with the the finest, most delicious, local ingredients. Order your cakes, cookies, and donuts from us as a treat for someone sweet or a special event. We’d love to see you and serve you our freshest bakery sweets and treats.

Our Restaurant/Bakery has been committed to serving up delicious goodies to all of our customers, we provide a delightful bakery experience by inspiring a culture of pride and satisfaction in our workplace.

Our team of professionals create top quality, imaginative and delicious baked treats, and make sure to respond positively to the needs of the community. Hence, a portion of all sales are donated to local community organizations, i.e:  food banks, women's organizations and animal shelters.

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or something to bring home and share, we’ve got just the thing for you!

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